Manufacturing of carton boxes and cardboard packaging


We offer the option for different custom made combinations of papers.

Three-layer cardboard - Е wave

“Е” wave or “microcardboard” is up to 1.6 mm thick. It is designed for small-scale packaging with higher demands to the prints of the products, as well as for masked packaging.

Three-layer cardboard - В wave

“B” wave is up to 3mm thick and has a variety of applications for average sized packages. It is designed for products, which require higher-quality prints, precision dimensions and high pressure resistance.

Three-layer cardboard - С wave

"С" wave is up to 4 mm thick – the most common material for the production of cardboard packaging. It combines sufficient durability with high quality. It is designed both for slot packaging – boxes and cartons, as well as for stamped products with special shapes.

Five-layer cardboard - Е + C wave

Е+C wave is 6 mm thick, and offers a great combination between strength and elegance of the packaging with very high-quality prints. This material is designed for the production of packages, which are subjected to greater loads, which must offer both strength and nice commercial appearance.

Five-layer cardboard - B+C wave

Five-layer cardboard - В+С wave is 6 mm thick. The В+С wave is 6 mm thick and it offers the greatest strength of packaging and is used both for heavy items, as well as for modules, which are sensitive to shocks and vibrations.

Two layer cardboard

It is not strong enough for boxes; that is why it is used for packaging material. It is offered in rolls.